Learn 100% Online, on Your Own Time

Online bootcamp students don’t need to put their personal or professional lives on hold. Our bootcamp curriculum is delivered through a fully online platform, where you can easily track your progress. The curriculum is divided into modules, each with projected completion times. With these approximations, you can efficiently integrate learning into your timetable, rather than reshaping your entire schedule around it.

Build Technical Abilities and Hands-On Experience

Our primary objective is ensuring students are prepared to embark on a new job opportunity. This objective is reflected in how curriculum is built. We gather feedback from hiring managers and collaborate with industry experts to curate curriculum that you'll learn the most valuable skills from.

You''ll prove your technical ability through hands-on activities and projects, which will serve as an excellent portfolio that can be shared with hiring managers. For example:

  • In our Software Engineering Bootcamp, you’ll complete eight assessments, four major projects, and a mentor-guided capstone. 

  • In our Data Analytics Bootcamp, you'll complete a Capstone project along with 22 mini projects.

Experience Personalized, Human Support

A human support system dedicated to your growth and success will be behind you throughout the bootcamp. You'll work with student advisors, an industry mentor, and a career coach to define your objectives and strive toward them.

One of the most valuable aspects of your bootcamp experience is your industry mentor. Each student is matched with a mentor that aligns with their professional goals and interests. Our mentor application process is rigorous. Only 1 of every 12 mentor applicants get hired. Here is a closer look at our application process: 

  • Technical Expertise Screen: This ensures that job candidates possess the necessary educational qualifications and professional credentials. We thoroughly review their portfolios and published work, giving special attention to how they demonstrate their technical competence.

  • Video Interview: During the video interview stage, we assess applicants to identify prospective mentors who bring empathy, enthusiasm, and top-tier communication skills to the table in order to provide you the best possible experience. 

  • Training and Guidance: Mentors who successfully pass the technical knowledge and video interview stages receive additional training and guidance. This ensures that they are well-equipped to develop their mentorship abilities effectively, providing optimal support to our students.

Throughout the bootcamp, you’ll have ongoing, one-on-one conversations with your industry mentor. Learn more about the experience of students, and meet some of our mentors: 

The Value of Mentorship
Peter Nsaka
Software Engineer
Mohit Bhatia
Program Manager - Analytics
Skye Nguyen
Sr Software Engineer
Hasin Ahmed
Head of Product Design

End-to-End Career Support

Our online bootcamps include optional career curriculum along with personalized career counseling at your disposal. Whether you aim to transition careers or enhance your current role, career coaches can assist you in honing various strategies.

  • Create a job search plan and evaluate which positions or businesses are the best fit for you

  • Improve your resume to distinguish yourself from other applicants

  • Complete mock interviews

  • Negotiate the best compensation package

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