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Step into a legacy of creative thinkers and agents of change with Loyola University New Orleans, established more than a century ago. Loyola welcomes students of diverse backgrounds and prepares them to lead meaningful lives with and for others.

Recognizing the importance of experiential learning and real-world application, we are offering 100% online tech bootcamp programs in Data Analytics and Software Engineering. With a focus on hands-on learning, specialized skills, and regular 1:1 mentorship, our bootcamps prepare students for successful careers in the tech industry. 

Loyola University New Orleans Campus

Key highlights of the bootcamps:

  • Self-paced courses on in-demand tech career opportunities

  • Hundreds of hours of industry-focused curriculum

  • Get 1:1 mentorship from industry veterans

  • Complete capstone projects that prove your skills

  • Hands-on support from our coaches to help you prepare for job interviews

  • Certificate of completion from Loyola University New Orleans

Providing 1:1 support tailored to your unique needs.

Transitioning careers involves grit and resilience. During our online bootcamps, our dedicated support team works with you to define your educational and career objectives and progressively work towards achieving them.

  • Student advisor: Your student advisor is your key to success; they're ready to respond to your queries, pair you with a mentor, and provide guidance throughout your journey.

  • Personal expert mentor: Engage in 1:1 video consultations with your mentor. As industry professionals, they stand ready to review your projects, answer queries, and help overcome any obstacles you encounter in your learning process.

  • Career coach: Your career coach offers multifaceted assistance based on your career objectives, ranging from polishing your resume to offering advice on networking.

  • Online community: Engage with fellow students, share successes and challenges, receive feedback, and participate in weekly, live office hours within an interactive community of online bootcamp participants.

Meet some of our mentors:

Mohit Bhatia
Program Manager - Analytics
Peter Nsaka
Software Engineer
Hasin Ahmed
Head of Product Design
Skye Nguyen
Sr Software Engineer

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